Alan Heckart has over 25 years of extensive accounting, financial reporting, budgeting and financial Alan Heckartanalysis experience within the food, technology, energy and manufacturing  industries. He works closely with clients to streamline processes, improve workflow and increase  operational efficiencies.  Alan specializes in building teams, revenue and expense analysis, budget development and cash flow management and modeling.


Alan directed the accounting for a company’s $635mm merger transaction and refinance of a $460mm credit facility. He proposed and implemented cost restructuring programs that resulted in a savings of nearly $1mm.  Alan performed the financial due diligence, integration and supervised the accounting for more than 10 acquisitions over a 3 year period as well as the closure/sale of various divisions of a  company.  He provides leadership and guidance to help ensure timely, accurate and useful financial reporting for all key stakeholders.

As a corporate controller for a $600mm company, Alan was responsible for P & L management for over 15 divisions.  He developed the first balance sheet/cash flow forecast model for the company. He applied accounting technical knowledge to ensure the company’s accounting practices were appropriate and properly applied. Alan’s focus on internal controls resolved previously unreconciled variances that resulted in $6mm of adjustments.



CFO Systems, LLC

Infogroup, Inc (Direct Mail Advertising Services)
Corporate Controller

Gateway, Inc (Electronics)
Senior Manager of Financial Reporting

Koch Industries Inc (Refining, Commodity Trading and Services)
Manager of Crude Oil Trading and Exchange

Pizza Hut (Restaurants)
Manager of Financial Reporting, Division Consultant, and Internal Auditor

Baird, Kurtz and Dobson LLC (CPA Firm)
Senior Auditor


Phone 402.884.0066 ext.107

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