Annette Sneckenberg has over 30 years experience in corporAnnette Sneckenberg - High Res Colorate finance. She has served as Controller, CFO and Finance Director in the construction, communications, media and retail industries.  She takes a progressive approach to creating a seamless flow across all areas of a company including finance, accounting, IT and human resources.


While working at CFO Systems, Annette has been a “Time-share” Director of Finance for 3 Non-Profit entities, Lincoln Medical Education Partnership, Building Health Futures, and Concordia Lutheran Schools, and has implemented process improvements to help each Non-Profit operate more efficiently.

As Controller of a midsized company, Annette developed a system of reports, controls and infrastructure for a newly formed entity and created a progressive inventory system based on predictive modeling.  She has built an accounting system from the ground up, leveraging her advanced technical ability to construct access databases to accommodate data from approximately 80 subsidiaries.  Annette works with clients to develop financial models and strategies that help direct company growth.  In addition, she uses her negotiation skills with vendors to produces cost effective solutions.

Annette led the company wide roll out of a point-of-sale system for a large retail outlet that she later implemented at the franchise level.


CFO Systems, LLC

Dice Communications (Communications)

Sunderland Brothers Company (Wholesale Distributor)

Midwest Cycling, LLC (Retail)

Godfathers Pizza, Inc (Retail)
Director of Finance/Treasurer 

Waitt Media, Inc./NWW, Inc (Media)

Peter Kiewit Sons’ Inc (Construction)
Director of Project Finance


Phone 402.884.0066 ext.126