Director, Human Resources Services

Erich Ziegler has over 20 years of strategic and tactical leadership experience in HR, Sales and Marketing. He has served companies as HR Director, Vice President and Sales Director in a wide variety of industries. Erich routinely evaluates programs, policies, processes, and technology and systematically improves them. He fully understands human resources and the challenges they both experience and create. Through science and art, Erich refines the way employees work with each other and for their respective organizations.


Erich has experience working with domestic and international clients and with particular emphasis on developing and implementing effective strategies, managing projects, analyzing data, improving processes, ensuring policy and legal compliance, designing organizational structures, conducting effective employee relations, creating and leading effective employee development programs, editing procedural documentation, and increasing corporate and departmental efficiencies through technology.

Erich also fully recognizes the importance of the capital in human capital. His recommendations have saved clients in excess of $1MM annually through the management of underperforming employees. He has designed incentive pay programs that are self-funding. He has also helped his clients generate millions in revenue by designing and delivering highly-effective corporate training programs to more than 4,500 students worldwide.


CFO Systems, LLC
Director, Human Resources Services

Cross Staff/Five Point Consulting
HR Principal

Midland University (Higher Education)
Vice President of Human Capital

JD Edwards (ERP Software Developer)
Senior Corporate Trainer

Tesla Motors (Automotive Manufacturer)
Regional Sales Director

USA.NET (Hosted Services)
Director of Sales

Teletech (Business Process Outsourcer)
Executive HR Director / Director of Operations

Deloitte & Touche, LLP (Consulting)
HR Consulting Manager


Phone 402.884-0066 ext 120