Why should I choose to work with CFO Systems?

If your company is hampered by limited financial expertise, weak accounting practices or unclear strategic planning, working with CFO Systems can immediately improve profitability.  Every day, companies operating without the guidance of an experienced CFO lose the opportunity to maximize their potential.

How are you different from my CPA firm?

We differ from CPA firms in that we do NOT provide tax, audit, financial planning, or other ancillary services typically provided by your CPA.  We are highly specialized.  We do work well with a range of CPA firms – local, regional and international. Numerous CPA firms now refer their clients to us to allow the firm to maintain its independence.

Is it easy to get started with CFO Systems?

We are proven professionals who integrate easily with your business.  During our initial two-hour meeting, we will show you how CFO Systems can improve your company’s performance. There is no charge for this introductory meeting.

Do you bring in your own staff to perform work?

In most cases, work will be performed by your staff working alongside your timeshare CFO but we can help recruit and hire staff to build your department as needed.  In certain cases, your timeshare CFO will supplement their work with another member of our team.

Who is on the CFO Systems team ?

We are experienced accountants and CPAs – former controllers, CFOs, audit directors and finance managers. Many of our team members have served in large CPA firms with a wide range of clients. All have been in corporate accounting of sizeable organizations. All have held multiple positions in multiple companies, providing the best range of education and experience possible in the profession.

How long will you work with us?

Our team will work with you for as long as you need.  Our projects typically last from six months to several years as our clients rely on us to lead them to the next level by providing ongoing financial and executive leadership.

Is outsourcing a CFO cost effective?

Growing businesses often reach a point where they need executive-level financial leadership, but do not yet need a full-time CFO or Controller.  Outsourcing your CFO allows you to access the amount of financial expertise that you need and to scale your accounting department to fit a changing business climate.  We offer our clients low rates and creative compensation structures.

How do I refer a business partner or client to CFO Systems?

Banks, attorneys, insurance brokers and CPA firms frequently recommend us to clients. We typically meet with those interested in making a referral and take time to evaluate each client individually to determine if our services fit their needs.  This process ensures that each referral is appropriate and produces favorable results for all parties involved.