Strategic planning is an essential, ongoing element of every successful company’s operations. Whether planning is done on the back of a napkin or in a formal document, companies need to go through this evaluation process to help increase their growth and success.

The CFO Systems team has more than 300 years of combined experience in a wide variety of industries. This allows us to bring practical ideas and viable solutions to each client. Our experience is invaluable for companies managing growth or navigating a turnaround.

Essential Planning Opportunities

  • Annual planning process is essential to efficient utilization of corporate capital & resources
  • Prior to any corporate expansion
  • Before any major capital outlay, such as a business acquisition / equipment purchase
  • To map the turnaround of a troubled business
  • Prior to the start of a new venture, product introduction or service innovation

CFO Systems Works with You to

  • Analyze the marketplace for competitors and demographics to be properly considered
  • Deliver the strategic plan to the target audience: investors, bankers and/or current shareholders
  • Identify the costs/benefits of any new venture, product or service and a realistic timeline for implementation
  • Develop budgets/forecasts that provide financial information critical to evaluating new endeavors and existing operations
  • Develop an exit strategy that makes sense once the company has reached its full potential