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Helping health care providers stay on top of their game in order not to fall behind.

Healthcare is an ever-changing industry.

From continual advances in medicine, procedures, and technology to the uncertainty with regulatory changes, insurance, and reimbursement practices.

Understanding revenue cycles, payment disruptions, reimbursements, infrastructure needs, and the need for new and changing technology combined with attracting and retaining talent in a field that frequently faces labor shortages, the management of health care organizations can be a complex concern.

The CFO Systems team of experts offers a deep comprehension of the healthcare field and the challenges of both short- and long-term needs. We’re proud to have provided strategic management and leadership as well as accounting and finance functions that have assisted hospitals, long-term care facilities, physician practices, and specialty practices in improving their financial operations while adapting to the dynamic health care industry.

CFO Systems can:

  • Provide part-time, interim, or timeshare financial or HR leadership
  • Strengthen cash flow through effective management and accurate forecasting
  • Improve reporting and data collection that accurately determines margins
  • Analyze and improve accounting processes and procedures
  • Implement project management techniques
  • Improve and strengthen internal controls
  • Ensure compliance with ERISA, FMLA, FLSA, ADA, and worker’s compensation
  • Develop safety and other training programs
  • Support recruiting and retention of employees and contractors
Doctor standing with tablet in hands smiling with hospital building as a background

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