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Strategic and innovative leadership that manufacturing companies need to grow and thrive.

Diverse Industry Experience

The manufacturing industry has become more efficient yet much more complex due to the combination of evolving advances in technology with the typical finance-related concerns of regulation and compliance, supply chain management, profitability, and cash management.

With the advent of near real-time reporting, analytic forecasting can drive many decisions from product mix to pricing to risk identification. The ability of a company to sustain growth and profitability relies heavily on the ability of management to be strategic and innovative.

Human resources in the manufacturing industry can also be challenging. From properly communicating with workers across multiple shifts, safety programs and training, and working to ensuring competitive wages and employee retention, it can be difficult ensure all regulatory and personnel needs are being met.

CFO Systems’ professionals provide the financial and human resources leadership that manufacturing companies need to grow and thrive. Our team of experts have diverse experience in the industry including helping to increase operational efficiencies and maximizing profits; developing pricing strategies, forecasts, and budgets; securing capital for infrastructure needs; and streamlining human resource departments.

CFO Systems can:

  • Design and implement forecasting and budgets
  • Meet SEC and audit reporting requirements
  • Secure and restructure financing
  • Secure leasing transactions
  • Evaluate and lead M&A and divestiture projects
  • Analyze and improve accounting processes and procedures
  • Design and implement inventory control
  • Liaise with union and non-union staff
  • Evaluate and control worker’s compensation programs
  • Develop safety and other training programs
Interior of a modern automated factory

Let’s Talk

We can help lead your company to success by tailoring our efforts to partner with you, your people, procedures & processes. Drop us a note using our form or call us at 402.884.0066 and one of our team members will schedule a time to discuss how CFO Systems can help your business grow.

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