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Renewable Energy

Experts in technology and management development who possess a thorough knowledge of workforce competencies, capabilities, and needs.

Driving Growth & Increasing Efficiencies

The renewable energy industry presents complex challenges that include day-to-day financial issues, sourcing financing for capital costs, assuring appropriate insurance from a limited number of providers, dealing with tax burdens and price distortions from existing subsidies, and keeping up with technology for the rapid development pace.

Additionally, there is a consistent need to identify and manage risk to create value for both investors and consumers. Unlike established large utility businesses, the industry also requires high-level strategizing to overcome perceptions that it is a risky investment due to initial infrastructure costs and the unknowns of relatively new resources.

Many companies also struggle with the transition from establishing a company to becoming a full-fledged entity that requires flexibility and structure in the workplace.

The professionals at CFO Systems offer a solid understanding of the renewable energy and biofuel industries. Our financial and HR leaders have assisted multiple clients to increase efficiencies and drive growth. In addition, we have served as interim and timeshare controllers and CFOs for multiple plant operations and have helped secure funding for infrastructure and other capital needs.

CFO Systems can:

  • Strengthen cash flow through effective management and accurate forecasting
  • Design and implement forecasting and budgets
  • Provide end-to-end grant management and reporting
  • Perform financial modeling and analysis of project structure
  • Implement project management techniques
  • Improve and strengthen internal controls
  • Support recruiting and retention of employees, contractors, and volunteers
  • Streamline operations
  • Relay complex financial issues in a manner that all constituents can understand
Handhake overlaying renewable energy sources and an agreement being signed

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