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Make the best hires for your most important positions.

Let our recruiting experts find the best candidates so you can hire impactful leaders for your organization.

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What We Do

Understand your

Before the hiring process starts, we do a deep dive to learn about your organization’s culture, leadership, and growth strategies.

Source the candidates
that fit your culture
& skill set needs

We connect you to passive jobseekers and ambitious leaders ready for their next career move.

Make sure each hire
is the right fit

We help you with hiring the right person who will be a fit culturally and who has the right expertise to help your organization succeed.

Our Team

Fit Over Fee

By asking the right questions and truly listening, we develop a deep understanding of your organization, needs, and your culture. This helps us find candidates who are the right fit, with the soft skills to thrive in your culture. Studies show that 75% of long-term job success depends on soft skills.

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How Our Recruiting and Hiring Process Works

We go beyond looking at typical resume qualifications. CFO Systems evaluates each candidate’s character, personality, drive, intelligence, and resourcefulness. We match your organization with people who have the right attributes to fulfill roles, be an ideal fit with your organization’s culture, and meet and exceed your goals.

We use a three-stage process for hiring talent:

  • We analyze your organization’s growth and hiring needs, including employee turnover and anticipated promotions.
  • We learn about your organization’s culture, strengths and weaknesses, and identify any talent gaps to help you better align hiring with staffing needs.
  • We create tailored job descriptions and compensation packages based on your needs.
  • We create a detailed candidate profile that includes dimensions of the ideal candidate with metrics that help drive the best possible outcomes.

  • We review all inbound applications, resumes and leads. We filter out candidates that do not meet requirements, while identifying high-potential candidates.
  • CFO Systems does proactive outreach within our talent acquisition network to deepen the pool of available candidates.
  • Next, CFO Systems contacts the candidates with the most potential, performs screening, and establishes next steps for the interview process.

  • We recommend the top 5 candidates to your organization.
  • We schedule interviews with your HR department and all stakeholders.
  • We conduct a full background and reference check on the selected candidates.
  • After your team decides to hire a candidate, we present the offer and negotiate salary. CFO Systems serves as a guide through this stage to achieve satisfaction for the organization and candidate.
  • After a candidate accepts an offer, we provide ongoing placement support to make sure the fit is right. We serve as a liaison between organizations and candidates to help achieve long-lasting retention and success.

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Supporting You at Every
Stage of Recruiting

Organization Assessment and Position Discovery

We start by meeting with key members of your organization to develop a deep understanding of your organization’s culture. We get to know your departments, positions, compensation and benefits, and really listen to your top priorities and criteria for selecting candidates.

Candidate Search

Next, we leverage our expansive network, database, and job posting strategies to source qualified, impactful candidates – including passive jobseekers. At this stage, we identify an early list of 10-15 candidates (or more) that match your organization’s expectations.

Candidate Evaluation, Selection and Presentation

We contact and screen all potential candidates. Along with evaluating qualifications, we do in-depth interviews to see which candidates have the right personalities and soft skills to be the best fit for your culture. We then narrow the field to a short list of 3-5 candidates to present to your organization.

Interview Process

CFO Systems helps organize interviews between candidates and your organization. We debrief candidates, arrange follow-up conversations as needed, and stay in touch with both parties along the way.

Hiring Process

When your organization is ready to make a job offer, we conduct reference checks and work with your hiring team to prepare an offer and make the offer to the candidate. We also coach candidates through the process of accepting your offer, resigning from their current role, and managing counter-offer risks.

Candidate Placement and Beyond

Our work is not finished after you make a hire. We want to make sure your organization and your new hire have a seamless transition and a successful fit – and keep both of you in our network of business relationships for the long term. We’ll check in and stay in contact to see how your new working relationship is progressing.

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The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion

At CFO Systems, we value diversity within workplace cultures, backgrounds, education, identity and so much more. We believe in helping all future candidates and organizations achieve long-term success and unlock opportunity.

Regardless of background, education, and beliefs – we thoroughly believe that all potential candidates and employers should achieve success and satisfaction through the working relationships that we cultivate. Candidates deserve to get security, respect, and stability in inclusive workplace cultures while employers deserve the best matches for their open positions to meet organizational goals.

According to a PwC Global Survey, about 85% of CEOs in the financial industry say that promoting racial and ethnic inclusion and diversity in the work environment helps enhance business performance, and increase profitability, creativity, and innovation.

CFO Systems is proud to work with diverse organizations and help connect diverse candidates with new opportunities.

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The CFO Systems Difference

Real-life experience across multiple disciplines

Our recruiters are not “just” recruiters. We have nine decades of experience across multiple industries. We know what your hiring managers and candidates need for a successful hire.

Local, regional,
and national reach

With our cross-country network of professionals, we can source candidates from well beyond a typical recruiting footprint.

Alignment with
cultural fit

Our recruiters know exactly what organizations need for successful hires. We understand the details of your organization and the nuances of your culture. It’s all about fit!

Improve long-term

After you make the hire, we’ll help build a constructive and productive working relationship with ongoing placement support. We want you and your new hires to achieve lasting success!

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Seamless Leadership Transitions

When needed, we can also provide interim leadership to build a bridge for your team during the search. Once you’ve made a permanent hire, onboarding and responsibility handoff is frictionless.

Explore Fractional, Interim, or Project Leadership

Introduction to the Recruiting Team

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Bill Wood

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Cale Giese

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Gregory Dushan

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Stosh Getzfrid, CPA

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Steve Getzfrid
President and Co-Founder

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