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Many organizations might have a CFO in place and are in need of a role between the accounting department and the C-level team, this role is called the controller.

Why You Need a Controller

While controllers generally report to the company’s CFO, in some organizations, the controller might also act as the CFO. A controller is responsible for all accounting-related duties such as financial reporting, budget preparation and monitoring, general ledger, compliance, cost accounting, and accounting department oversight. In essence, every company needs a controller.

CFO Systems offers controller-level leadership on a part-time, interim, and timeshare basis. Our professionals focus on the current position of your company offering expert leadership and insight as well as accurate and qualified higher-level financial understanding and know-how.

We can help with:

  • Planning and forecasting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Budget preparation and reporting
  • Cash management/treasury
  • Accounting department leadership and support
  • Internal controls
  • Compliance

Let’s Talk

We can help lead your company to success by tailoring our efforts to partner with you, your people, procedures & processes. Drop us a note using our form or call us at 402.884.0066 and one of our team members will schedule a time to discuss how CFO Systems can help your business grow.

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