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LaDon Johnson
LaDon Johnson

LaDon Johnson


LaDon Johnson is a senior financial leader with over thirty years of experience in corporate transactions, mergers and acquisitions negotiations, financing, profit and loss reporting, international business, IT management, and human resources. He possesses a strong understanding of global markets throughout North and South America as well as in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. He brings a wide breadth of experience to CFO Systems and our clients that includes responsibility for all legal, financial, Human Resources, and administrative functions; the integration of a major acquisition, and consulting projects that included biofuels transactions, customer development work, and mergers. In addition, he has held board membership positions with 24 subsidiary companies in Australia, India, Thailand, Argentina, the United States, and most Western European countries.

As CFO of a company that owns and operates fishing boats, LaDon worked closely with private equity owners to structure the company for a $320 million divestiture, made significant improvements to financial reporting systems, reduced peak working capital that brought about a release of $40 million or 20% of peak needs, and worked with executive leadership, strategic investment decision makers within in eight processing platforms and five production farms that resulted in EBITDA improvements of almost $30 million in less than two years.

His other roles include serving as CFO of a trait development company that utilizes world leading technology and partners with ag-chemical and seed companies to produce, market, and distribute its traits in most major field crops around the world. Under his leadership, the company increased its revenues seven times during a four-year period, established a global tax efficient structure, negotiated a $45 million dollar joint venture with an Israeli multi-national corporation, and worked with European regulators to gain acceptance of unique and leading edge genetic technology. Additionally, LaDon owned and operated a consulting firm in the United States and Belgium, and was Managing Director and CFO for the fifth largest crop seed company in the world.


CFO Systems, LLC
Johnson Consulting
Icicle Seafoods, Inc.
President and CFO
Cibus Global BVBA
Managing Director

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