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Neal Greenberg
Neal Greenberg

Neal Greenberg

Partner / Director

Neal Greenberg has more than 30 years of financial and operations experience specializing in the renewable fuels, transportation, healthcare, communications and advertising industries. He works closely with clients to improve operational efficiency, develop strategic plans, be SEC compliant, improve balance sheet management and strengthen board relations.

Neal has served companies in the roles of President, CFO, Director of Operations and Controller. He has led efforts to improve efficiency, reducing staff and overtime by 50% while improving productivity. In addition, Neal has designed reporting packages to provide a Board of Directors with needed data to make timely management decisions. He eliminated the need for capital contributions by developing a rolling five-week cash flow report and improving overall cash flow by cutting invoicing time from three weeks to one week. He has negotiated debt instruments totaling over $25,000,000 and is experienced in XBRL detail tagging and SEC reporting for many companies.

As an entrepreneur, Neal has experience securing funding through venture capital firms and leading company acquisitions. He founded and ran his own wholesale and manufacturing enterprise and led an improvement in productivity that increased production volume over 300% over two years while lowering production time and costs by 20%.


CFO Systems, LLC
Partner / Director
Director of Operations
Jet Linx, LLC
American Gramaphone
Director of Financial Reporting
Good Samaritan Coffee Company
Founder & President
Vital Learning Corporation
Vice President of Finance & Administration
A.C. Nielsen Corporation
Manager of Accounting Services & Control
MAJERS Corporation
Director of Benefits & Compensation

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