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Aaron Luneke
Aaron Luneke

Aaron Luneke


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Aaron Luneke is a native Nebraskan who is motivated both professionally and personally by a purpose-driven mindset of servant leadership. He values family, community service, and looks beyond spreadsheets to understand, create, and deliver durable value for all stakeholders.

He is an accomplished banking professional with over a decade of leadership experience in finance, accounting, IT, lending, deposits, ALM, HR, and audits/examinations. Aaron has a proven track record of success in customizing growth plans for banks and creating robust strategies. He guided a two-year recovery path to reverse a $1.2M unrecognized loss into a sizeable gain and has redesigned funding matrix (core/non-core funding sources) to achieve record low cost of funds. Additionally, he has assisted in redesigning a loan-pricing matrix and CECL funding methodology.

In his career, Aaron has invested nearly 30,000 hours mastering the technical nature of banking while developing a wide array of disciplines. During this time, he built complex commercial loan relationships including 1-4 family collateral, OOC and NOOC commercial space, land development, construction, and non-taxable borrowers (school districts, churches, townships) and generated, retained, and grew a significant core deposit base.

Aaron is a dedicated professional who believes in helping clients achieve their goals. He is willing to take on any project, regardless of size and difficulty, and is committed to delivering the highest quality work while utilizing his unique skills and experience to make a positive impact for his clients and their organizations.


CFO Systems, LLC
Living Waters RE
Owner / Founder
Bank of the Valley
Foundation One Bank
CFO / VP of Finance
States Resources Corp
First Nebraska Educators Credit Union
Werner Enterprises
Dedicated Finance

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