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Elton Norman
Elton Norman

Dr. Elton Norman, Sr.


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Elton Norman is a 21-year United States Army veteran and Bronze Star recipient with over 10 years of financial experience. He possesses a comprehensive background in financial management, cost reduction strategies, and organizational leadership, and has managed assets of $100M. In addition to creating and executing strategies to achieve the financial  objectives of various organizations, he has also administered budgets of $500K and ensured costs stayed 15% under-budgeted expectations.

In a recent role, Elton had oversight of a $2.1M budget, ensuring effective fiscal stewardship of operational and personnel expenditures and contributions. He directed that organization’s response to Covid-19 by transitioning students and staff to online learning and remote teaching. His leadership enabled enrollment to grow that increased revenue for that term. In another role, Elton identified issues and developed financial strategies to deliver more effective stewardship of assets. In one case, he identified opportunities to minimize operational expenses, resulting in a 27% decrease in overhead.

Elton is skilled in motivating and empowering others to surpass performance requirements and develop professionally. His advanced degree in Financial Management and certifications further demonstrates his vast knowledge and dedication to continuing to learn. Elton’s leadership experience enables him to seamlessly fit into a wide variety of organizations and help them grow.


CFO Systems, LLC
CFO Consultant
Webster University
Campus Director/Adjunct Professor
Dominion Consulting Group
Managing Principal
Merrill Lynch/Bank of America
Financial Advisor
Walmart/Sam’s Club
Logistics Manager/Merchandise Manager

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