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Brian Rose
Brian Rose

Brian K. Rose


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Brian is an accomplished, innovative leader with over 10 years of experience in finance, accounting, operations, and supply chain. He is passionate about developing and improving best practices, implementing continuous improvements, and sharing cross-functional knowledge to empower organizations to realize and surpass strategic goals.

In his most recent role, Brian managed financials, Human Resources, and technology during a period of significant growth. He recruited critical managers and supervisors, structured their responsibilities, and oversaw and evaluated their performance. As the firm navigated this growth, Brian developed new procedures and tools that increased profit by more than 30%. He also formed relationships with new business partners and developed innovative compliance software that ensured better visibility for the firm a competitive global market.

Brian is passionate about process efficiency, specifically in the areas of technology. At different stops in his career, he has successfully used technology to develop complex inventory analytics, automate and standardize complicated tasks, create company-wide tracking tools for a variety of tasks, and improve accuracy and reporting. His focus is to enable business leaders to make the best business decisions while increasing profit through timely, scalable, and efficient financial reporting.


CFO Systems, LLC
Excalibur Security, Inc. and Matt’s Staffing, Inc.
Senior Financial Analyst, Customer Ops Finance
Pfizer, Inc.
Senior Financial Analyst and Financial Analyst, Global Supply Chain Finance,
Financial Analyst, Operations Finance

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