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The Georgia team brings financial leadership across a diverse range of industries, having held prominent roles with CPA, engineering, and SaaS organizations.

Team Background & Key Strengths

CFO Systems’ Georgia team have held a wide range of positions ranging from tax preparation to consulting to financial leadership.

Some key strengths include: managing all financial aspects of the business while developing a metric-based revenue forecasting model that was 95-97% accurate and developing treasury and cash management strategies that resulted in building over $400K of surplus cash savings, while eliminating over $400K of credit card debt and paying out of $800K in shareholder dividends.

Christopher Whitlow
THomas Miller

Let’s Talk

We can help lead your company to success by tailoring our efforts to partner with you, your people, procedures & processes. Drop us a note using our form or call us at 402.884.0066 and one of our team members will schedule a time to discuss how CFO Systems can help your business grow.

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