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Ginna Claussen
Ginna Claussen

Ginna Claussen

Director – Human Resources

Ginna Claussen is an experienced Human Resources professional with an innate ability to get things done while uniting a team and meeting strategic directives. While leading organizational developments and positive cultural change, she actively listens to help promote cohesiveness, manages with fairness and with an achievement focus, and employs creativity and innovation to solve problems and pioneer new initiatives.

Ginna has a strong background in analyzing processes to streamline and create efficiency in an organization. While proactively approaching her work, she reaches out to collaborate across all levels, departments, and divisions and promote organizational cohesion, all while encouraging colleagues to get to know her and each other for team-building purposes.

Some of Ginna’s notable accomplishments include navigating through two organizational acquisitions, reinventing an entire organizational salary structure, building incentives and career ladders to decrease turnover, promoting and educating personnel on new processes and systems, creating a summer internship program, and chairing an employee advisory group.

Ginna’s impressive skillset and creative approaches to HR and management make her an exciting addition to the CFO Systems team. She will be relying on her ability to find unique ways to help clients create and improve their Human Resources departments while streamlining operations, increasing morale, and achieving growth.


CFO Systems, LLC
Director – Human Resources
Union Bank and Trust Company
Compensation Officer
FDIC and Great Western Bank
People and Culture Officer
Tier One Bank
First Vice President
Employment Manager
Human Resources Specialist
Customer Service/Sales/Technical Trainer

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