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Don Boelens
Don Boelens

Don Boelens


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Don Boelens has held numerous executive level management positions in a variety of companies ranging in annual revenues from $5 million to $1.2 billion over the course of the past 20 years. Don has over 20 years of experience in the dairy food industry as CEO of Swiss Valley Farms, a Midwestern based dairy cooperative and most recently as CEO of Maytag Dairy Farms based in Newton, IA.

As a CEO & CFO, Don has led companies through difficult challenges by orchestrating increases in revenues and decreases in expenses via several different strategies. He has negotiated favorable banking terms and solidified relationships with equity stakeholders during difficult times for a plethora of companies.

Don has experience in all facets of business, including sales & marketing, operations, finance, human resource management, IT, quality, and business strategy. He has gained extensive experience in international business during his time in the dairy industry. He also has deep experience working with cooperative boards and other boards of directors, and has managed board assessments, training and coaching to promote healthy board/management relations resulting in the best potential future success for the business.

Don has collected a significant amount of business experience during his career in leadership. He is excited to help his clients tackle the most challenging business issues with a collaborative approach and set his clients on a successful path.


CFO Systems, LLC
Maytag Dairy Farms LLC
Chief Executive Officer & Shareholder
Swiss Valley Farms Cooperative
Chief Financial Officer / Chief Executive Officer
Kairos Partners LLC
President & Founder
Wellshire Farms
General Manager
Staff Accountant

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