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Ryan Jensen
Ryan Jensen

Ryan Jensen


Ryan Jensen is an innovative operations leader who specializes in executing strategic plans while managing people, processes, and performance. His career has spanned a wide range of roles in the manufacturing industry.

Under Ryan’s leadership, his company grew from $6 million in annual revenue with 40 employees to nearly $40 million with 200 employees, ultimately attaining over 600% growth in both sales and EBITDA. This growth included several acquisitions of systems and equipment and a facility expansion. The facility expansion was a $3 million project that increased square footage by 50%, added a state-of-the-art paint line, and more than doubled the factory throughput by eliminating the previous paint line, which was the bottleneck. The business acquisition was a $1.2 million acquisition for the forced liquidation value of the assets of a failing business.

Throughout his career, Ryan has led a wide variety of efforts that include obtaining various forms of financing such as SBA- and USDA-backed loans, designing and implementing meaningful operational metrics and key performance indicators, overseeing asset and product line dispositions, and managing a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, various HR-related items, and a product development team. Ryan’s depth and breadth of experience make him a well-rounded and valuable member of any team.

Ryan is driven by his passion to always search for a better way. He is laser-focused on pinpointing efficiencies; creating and implementing strategic plans, budgets, and metrics; and developing ways to salvage shareholder value amid challenging circumstances. He relies on his strengths in identifying improvement points and developing meaningful and creative solutions to help companies grow and thrive within a competitive marketplace.


CFO Systems, LLC
Thurston Manufacturing Company/Simonsen Iron Works
CEO/VP of Manufacturing
President of Operations and Strategy
Chief Operations Officer/Controller
Vice President of Operations/Controller
General Manager/Controller

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