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CFO Systems’ Nebraska team provides extensive financial and human resource leadership resources to our clients.

Team Background & Key Strengths

Our Nebraska team members have experience serving in a broad array of senior and C-level roles for both public and private sector organizations that span family-owned businesses to Fortune 500 & global companies.

Their key client success stories include: working closely with clients to improve operational efficiency, develop strategic plans, be SEC compliant, improve balance sheet management and strengthen board relations; streamlining their administrative procedures and, in turn, maximize their overall profitability; driving out waste in the manufacturing process while achieving annual savings year-over-year; propelling revenue and profits, talent management, strategic planning, operational execution, M&A as well as organizational restructuring; providing non-profit administration, risk mitigation and compliance, end-to-end grant management, financial administration and reporting, Visa regulatory and merchant processing, as well as process redesigns and technology implementation; managing debt covenant compliance activities for $3.5B of debt, monthly close and consolidation, SEC research and reporting, budget and analysis, M&A due diligence, support of both internal and external audit functions, team management of both local and off-shore departments and process review and documentation.

Aaron Luneke
Aaron Watterson
Ann Timmerman
Brad Johnson
Brett Frevert
Dale Marples
Deb Sougey
Don Swanson
Doug Hiemstra
Edgar Hicks
Ginna Claussen
James Timmerman
Jeff Janda
Jennie Scheel
Jodi Winther
John Ecklund
John McVay
Kate Ostdiek
Kay Connelley
Kelsey Garretson
Kit Morse
Kobi Young
Kris Turner
Kristan Poast
Kyle Healey
Lonnie Graver
Lynda Wilhelm
Mark Nelson
Mary Rincon
Mike Draper
Mike Lewis
Mike Mohr
Mike Tavlin
Mindy Sudo
Neal Greenberg
Penny Vaughan
Randi McGee
Robin Hostetter
Scott Olsen
Shari Hamsa
Sheila Brugger
Tim Engler

Let’s Talk

We can help lead your company to success by tailoring our efforts to partner with you, your people, procedures & processes. Drop us a note using our form or call us at 402.884.0066 and one of our team members will schedule a time to discuss how CFO Systems can help your business grow.

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