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Shari Hamsa
Shari Hamsa

Shari Hamsa

Director – Human Resources

Shari Hamsa has over 24 years of experience as a Human Resources professional, providing insight and navigation with policy development, talent management, employee compensation and benefits, training and development, compliance, and succession planning.

She has created and developed HR departments from the ground up. Her extensive experience includes managing HR functions related to mergers and acquisitions, implementing HR systems, streamlining operations, reducing time and expenses associated with routine processes, negotiating with labor unions, ensured compliance with government contractor regulations, and coaching leadership teams. Shari understands the challenges a growing company faces and is adept in guiding and coaching all levels of management through new HR tools and processes. She has the innate ability to identify needs and personalize an HR department that is tailor-made to a growing culture.

As someone with roots in small town Nebraska, Shari brings a unique perspective to any organization. She approaches each person she meets with a genuine smile. Her guiding philosophy is to help as many people as she can by making them feel heard, valued, and respected. In a professional environment, Shari encourages leadership and employees to think bigger, take on new challenges, and motivate others, all while keeping work-life balance in mind.

Due to her vast array of experience, she excels in the ability to understand an organization’s goals, purpose, and vision. Shari creates processes, policies, and activities that aligns with those goals while helping drive an organization forward.


CFO Systems, LLC
Director of HR
Midlands Mechanical Inc.
Director of HR
The Maids International
Director of Employee Experience
University Recruiter
Continental Fire Sprinkler Company
HR Manager, AR
State Title Services
Escrow Closing Agent
Escrow Closing Coordinator
Assistant Bookkeeper

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