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CFO Systems Director | Chris Stark
Chris Stark

Chris Stark


C. Stark

Chris Stark has thirty years of experience leading operations for organizations ranging from multi-site, multi-national, publicly traded $200M+ manufacturing and service companies, to smaller $10M-$20M family-owned and start-up manufacturing and service companies. As a COO, his responsibilities have included managing full P&Ls while directing strategic planning, budgeting, operations, product/service development, engineering, sales, vendor management, and M&A to achieve targeted results.

He engages and develops team members to quickly assess baseline performance, identify future state opportunities, and subsequently develop and implement plans to drive significant bottom-line results. Chris’s accomplishments include transitioning a $73M legacy manufacturing business faced with end-of-life products into a leading national digital equipment distributor and service company with annual sales of $200M+.

Chris has led accretive acquisitions from deal negotiation through integration and growth that have included a manufacturing company where he helped double the plant size, integrated robotics and related process improvements, enhanced product lines, and improved delivery that increased annual revenues to $20M+. While working with niche manufacturing companies, regional service companies, and start-ups, Chris remains focused on producing optimal results while helping his clients grow and achieve their desired results.


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