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Lynda Wilhelm
Lynda Wilhelm

Lynda Wilhelm


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Lynda Wilhelm has 25+ years as a senior leader and change manager/consultant. In addition to understanding and analyzing numbers, she has spent much of her career focused on organizational and people development. In recent years, she served in senior leadership roles where she influenced the direction of organizations by understanding it requires great discipline to change behaviors. This discipline includes determining activities that encourage success and finding creative ways to continuously reinforce these activities. As a result, Wilhelm is comfortable working with all levels to ensure buy-in and build excitement around change.

As a commercial banker, Wilhelm spent many hours with clients to gain insight into their business and offer advice on how they could grow their business through positive change and bring efficiency to operations. After gathering a clear understanding of her clients’ business goals, she was then able to analyze financial statements to determine how well the company was set up to meet their goals.

Wilhelm also has experience building strong teams and developing people. She has spent time developing people through training programs and one-on-one coaching. Additionally, she excels at identifying strengths and areas for improvement and identifying the right people for organizations.

Wilhelm attributes three traits as key to her success: making the complex simple, listening and taking action. Today she is focused on building trusting relationships with her clients while guiding them to embrace change and grow.


CFO Systems, LLC
CIT (formerly Mutual of Omaha Bank)
SVP, Director of Commercial Credit
First Citizens Bank
SVP, Regional Business Executive
St. Bonaventure University
Trustee, Board of Trustees
Packard Learning, LLC
Bank of America

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