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John Ellsworth
John Ellsworth

John Ellsworth


John Ellsworth is a strategic-focused senior finance executive with success in positioning enterprises for scalable and sustainable growth. He has improved cash flow, established high-performing cultures, restructured operations, diversified business, and guaranteed economic resilience within competitive and volatile regulatory markets. John utilizes an entrepreneurial mindset to envision innovative financial strategies that beat competition and develop market capitalization by expanding existing businesses into other segments.

In his most recent role, John was hand-picked by the CEO to elevate a thriving enterprise to the next level. After earning a key position on the leadership team, he introduced and enforced financial controls to enhance accountability and drive cash flow optimization. While collaborating with the CEO and corporate management team on a daily basis, John played a key role in achieving revenue, margin, and profit objectives.

Furthermore, he was instrumental in re-structuring the accounting and finance departments by transforming treasury management, warranty, and IT departments from a “one-entity” size to one able ti process transactions from a much larger consolidated group. He is also credited with transitioning the company to state-of-the-art and best-in-class processes and procedures to safeguard company assets. He has also implemented extensive system integration and automation while increasing accountability.

As a pivotal strategic-thinker and value integrator, John possesses strong orientations in both finance efficiency and business insight. His skills and experience can help streamline operations, improve processes, and help his clients grow.


CFO Systems LLC
SelecTransportation Resources, LLC
Chief Financial Officer/Controller
SelecSoftware, LLC
Co-Founder/Managing Member

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